After nearly a decade of working in radio, I quit the morning show I was hosting for reasons I won't get into. When I decided to start podcasting it was, simply an effort to curb the boredom, but as my friends and I started recording the things we thought were interesting, the concept of Stage Diver Radio began to evolve.


Several years ago, at a bar, someone asked me about a song that was playing on the jukebox. Halfway through telling them about the song, artist, former groups, origin of the name, and shoe sizes I realized the person that asked me that question was staring at me with the same emotions I stare at someone telling me about their car engine.


The moment made me realize the world is full of people and every single one of them thinks differently. Everyone finds passion in something different. It's easy for me to think people that love cars are ridiculous, but it's just as easy for that person to ask why I've used my brain to store the entire Wikipedia page of every band I've ever loved.


My point is that I started this project just for something to do, but it's become a place for people to come to express their thoughts, opinions, interests, passions, and anything else that audio can capture because, personally, I find it fascinating that so many people can find joy in so many different things, and I want to know why these things are important. Don't you?


-Mitch Wheeler




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